Thursday, November 15, 2007

Don’t Believe Everything You Read

I hate a mea culpa especially when it’s my turn. So, allow me to prostrate myself, seek your forgiveness, and fall back on the now familiar, “If I had known then what I know now…” Hey! If it’s good enough for Hillary…

In last month’s issue, I wrote that delivery of the revolutionary new plug-in-electric Tesla sports car would begin this month. I’m now convinced that information was provided by Curve Ball, the same source whose false statements succeeded in starting the invasion of Iraq—well, maybe not. Nevertheless, my information was also incorrect as well as premature. According to The Wall Street Journal, “Now, company co-founder Martin Eberhard says, the first roadster should come off the Lotus assembly line in Britain in the first quarter of 2008.” He also explains that, “The run of cars produced during that quarter could be only 50 or so, with a goal of about 600 cars in the 2008 model year.” If you haven’t yet sent in your $100,000 check, you will go on the waiting list for 2009. Eberhard is also hedging on previous statements about the $50,000 sedan model that was supposed to be produced in 2008. You just can’t trust what you read.


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